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3. Happiness as a Paradigm for Sustainable Global Development

There are great challenges facing humanity today. Problems such as global warming, depletion of natural resources, environmental pollutions, hunger, poverty, social unrests, injustice, terrorism, crimes, and so on. Greed, selfishness, lack of love and respect for nature and all life forms, including people, are the main reasons for the present world calamity. All of these problems are the results of wrong belief, held by great majority of people, that one can secure happiness through wealth, fame, and power.

These global problems can be solved, if people make every effort to change or modify their attitudes for securing happiness.

An optimistic-view paradigm is presented, predicting a peaceful world by the year 2060. Love, compassion, and respect for nature and all beings prevail everywhere in the world, and people are truly happy. Science and technology are highly advanced and developed, but for the betterment of all life forms on earth. As a result of this lifestyle, trend in global warming is reversed, world conflicts resolved, and environment is pure and beautiful.

To arrive at this seemingly-utopian world, it is necessary for people to change or modify their belief system for acquiring happiness. They need to find out that they can secure a much deeper degree of happiness through rendering of the most effective and selfless service to those who need it most, along with cultivating human values, including love and respect for all life forms.

A procedure is recommended for people to start cultivating human values in themselves in order to increase their happiness.