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2. Engineering Ethics

Engineers are expected to observe the codes of ethics adopted by their respected professional societies. Code of ethics adopted by a professional engineering society is briefly presented. Reasons for violating the codes are given. Among them are mentioned reasons of self interest, which are for securing more wealth, fame or power. Efforts to secure more wealth, fame and power is based on the wrong belief that they lead to happiness. We are living to be happy, and all our efforts should be aimed at maximizing our life-time or long-range happiness. There is a Universe by the Order of which everything happens. This Universe is abundant, and depending on our thoughts, and actions, we can be benefited from this abundance. Engineers should consider their jobs and their efforts as opportunities to serve, while holding paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public. They should have high respect for all beings and consider themselves as the stewards of the natural environment. Through this approach, and through the Order of the Universe, their material needs will be met, and their peace of mind and long-range happiness will be secured. We can change, or modify our attitudes for securing happiness, and accept that the greatest long-range or life-time happiness comes from rendering of the most effective and unselfish service to those who need it most. This service should be accompanied with unconditional love, and by us cultivating human values in ourselves, and observing the codes of ethics adopted by our respected professional societies.